In our store, you can pay for the ordered goods in several different ways.

1. Transfer - is an easy and cheap form of payment. You can send money from any bank or Internet bank account. Your payment will reach us within 1-3 days. In the transfer title, please enter the order number.

2. Payment through the DotPay service. DotPay enables clients to use multiple payment channels, including payment with credit card. Your credit card data is transferred via a secure link directly to the payment system and is never known to us. Within 15 minutes of your transaction, we receive payment information with the order number and data of the payment initiator. This operation is at no additional costs to you - we cover them in whole. To you, this means no additional charges and changes of price.

DotPay is available, among others, to holders of the following accounts

Pekao24 -Pekao S.A.
Millenet -Millenium Bank S.A.
KB24 - Kredyt Bank S.A.
Sez@m - Bank BPH S.A.
Deutsche Bank - Deutsche Bank S.A.
ING Online - ING Bank Śląski S.A.
CitiBank - Citi Bank Handlowy S.A.
BOŚBank24 - Bank Ochrony Środowiska
eBGŻ - Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej
InvestBank - InvestBank
Fortis Bank Planet - Fortis Bank
VW Bank
Direct -VW Bank
Lukas Bank - Lukas bank S.A.